Captive Porta Redirecting to the Authentication

  • Hi,

    I was working with M0n0wall, and now i change to pfsense. My problem is, Always at MoN0, when i open the browser, and start a navigation for any site,the connection was redirect to the authentication, automatically  , but in pfsense, i have to type the full address http://192.168.X.X:8000, to get the authentication.

    Someone knows if the pfsense is able to redirect, the same MonoWall way.



  • Yes, it automatically redirects traffic. Are you using a DNS server that is on the WAN side of your firewall? If you are, put the IP address of the DNS server in the allowed IP addresses section of the captive portal or consider using the DNS forwarder built into pfSense.

    A simple way to test the redirection without worrying about DNS is to type in an IP address and see if your captive portal catches you. for google

  • Tksss black111. Worked  :)


  • hi
    I'm setting my captive portal but I have some problems on freeradius server

    it was 2 errors on make and make install and I try to test it and I found that it doesn't even exist on processus,

    please help me

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