Pfsense KVM on Debian 8 WAN/LAN stopped working after upgrade from Debian 7

  • I have a curious problem.  A perfectly working pfSense KVM machine (configured as per my post here: ), has the following symptoms now.

    • I have two bridges on the host machine: vmbr0 (LAN) and vmbr1 (WAN).  Both have tx checksumming turned off.

    • When I start the VM guest with pfSense, I cannot communicate with it via the WAN or LAN port.  All I can do is see via the KVM (proxmox)  console that it's up and it claims the ports are up.

    • When I try to ping the WAN gateway ip though, I get "host is down".  Pinging a LAN host IP just gives no response.

    • When I change the VM guest config to have both WAN and LAN on the LAN bridge (vmbr0) I can actually reach the guest via the WAN port public ip, but pfsense then is not able to "talk" to the LAN.  The WAN port seems to be working though??

    Anyone have any idea what changed from Debian 7 to 8 that may be causing this?

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