Incoming openvpn connection blocked on the wan side?

  • Hello,

    I have setup a multiple vlan configuration with pfSense using a clearnet lan and a vpn lan so that some traffic gets routed through the vpn and some through the isp. I don't have any port forward and have incoming block all rules both on the Airvpn WAN and the Clearnet WAN.

    When I initiate torrent tracker connections on the vpn lan I start to see a lot of blocked incoming traffic trying to reach the bittorrent client port. This is normal since it should be blocked but the only thing that concerns me is that this happens on the WAN block all rule and not the VPN WAN. Is this normal (I suppose the vpn needs to always pass the normal wan first anyway to get out) or should I be concerned for a leak out of the vpn?

    Thank you!

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