Pfsense ip blocks and there is no record of this …

  • Dear, good morning, on this day pfsense began to filter ip (google dns), if I try to ping me back timeout, also I came with telnet to port 53 of that ip nor with tracert.

    I have no filtering rule that this actually add a rule ALLOW ANY ANY on all interfaces to try, and yet I can not ping. I also have a rule that is ALLOW ANY ANY ICMP on each interface.

    Look Firewalls logs and filter by ip and nothing appears, no warning that this generating a lock.

    The only place I see records is Diagnostic -> states and what I visualize is the following:

    LAN icmp <- 0: 0 2/0120 B / 0 B
    TECO icmp -> 0: 0 2/0120 B / 0 B
    Udp LAN <- NO_TRAFFIC: SINGLE 4/0280 B / 0 B
    TECO udp -> SINGLE: NO_TRAFFIC 4/0280 B / 0 B

    My ip is, and there is a pc that has set the DNS in which I can see that appears the legend SINGLE: NO_TRAFFIC

    Also, as further proof did the following:

    ping from diagnostics -> ping, with my wan interface and responds correctly.

    but if I do a ping from my lan interface, unresponsive, it gives time out, but if you respond to any other ip, even

    Check in diagnostics -> tables and there is no lock to this IP.

    For mystery, traffic is blocked from LAN to and I see that happening ….

    I appreciate any help you can give me about it.

  • problem solved, restart the firewall and fix.

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