[CONFUSED] Squid Proxy + Filter + Alias blocking?

  • Hello,

    I'm looking for a little direction here. This is a new install of 2.3.1 along with the current Squid Proxy and Squid Filter packages. Everything seems to be installed correctly. I have tested the Filter by blocking 'porn' and allowing everything else. It blocks and sends me to my message page.

    What I need to do next is block facebook.com (insert any domain here) for everyone except 3 users. The three users have static IPs on the local network so I hope to use that as the way to allow them through.

    Inside of Squid Filter I created a Target, added Name, added facebook.com www.facebook.com fb.com to 'Domain List', under Common ACL set the FB Target to deny, under Squid Filter> General Settings> clicked Apply  but I can still get there.

    In Squid Proxy I also attempted to block Facebook there and build an ACL group with the static IPs I want Squid to ignore. Again no blocking.

    As a test I tried blocking by building a Firewall Alias and then added a Firewall Rule to block access defining the alias as the Destination. That works fine and blocks access, Facebook just times out in the browser.

    What am I missing? Am I thinking the Squid Filter should do X but it really doesn't? Am I missing a step?

  • Not sure if this will do it, but I would stop/restart the Squid and also clear it's cache. Also Facebook might have more than 1 IP like Google does so just blocking "Facebook.com" might not work.

    Others that are more in the know than I can chime in..

  • Yes, Facebook has multiple IPs and FQDN. If I use the Firewall Alias option I can just load up the Alias (facebook.com fb.com www.facebook.com www.fb.com). The alias blocks fine.

    I have not tried to keep cycling the service. I was taking for granted the 'Apply' under Squid Filter was refreshing the config and clearing the cache. Does any one know for sure?

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