Help installed pfSense in VMWARE Fusion 8 - OSX

  • hey guys, running OS X and with fusion and have never had a problem with any vm before… but this is driving me nuts.,,

    My main goal is...

    1. ISP modem to on board nic
    2. nic 2 - to access point
    3. Run OPENVPN for all traffic (not worried about this part yet)

    i have tried all the settings i can think of, Bridge/Nat/ect but i just can't get my access point  to be able to access internet...

    has anyone been able to do this?

    i see people have been using ESXi, which for the life of me, can't find where to download... even with free trial from vmware site, doesn't allow me to download...

    has anyone successfully got pfSense running using vmware fusion or is it just not able to be done due to limitations?

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