How to Site-to-Site Open VPN Tap (Bridge) Mode

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    I was trying to setup Site-Site Open VPN with TAP option.
    Due to my application limits, I have to keep same subnet at both end.
    So all clients at siteB must broadcast to Site A and vice versa, also get DHCP for Site B Clients from Site A DHCP server.

    I looked into following link. It has nice explanation but only for site A. Other side it uses windows base OpenVPN software in that example. (Client-to-site setup)
    Where as i require Site-Site Open VPN. Both end will have PFsense.

    So i could not figure out what to do at site B side PFsense.

    Pls help.

  • pls help

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    what application is that is that has to broadcast?  What is the latency between these sites?  I doubt such a crappy application that needs to broadcast is going to work over any sort of latency.

    So these sites are using the same ip scheme?  Ie you have say 192.168.0/24 on both sides?  Even if you connect them at layer 2, your layer 3 has to be the same.

    As to your dhcp - the whole point of dhcp relay is to allow for your dhcp servers to be on different layer 2 networks.

    Here is a thread from 2014 wanting site to site tap - he got it working and there is instructions in there

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