OpenVPN TAP, pfsense not acting as gateway, any way to get lan access?

  • Hi,

    Long story short I'm trying to get steam in home streaming to work over a VPN. This requires broadcast packets to go through so the clients can discover each other (thank you valve, doing this on an IP basis would have be too convenient, ofcourse…).

    Now the problem is I got pfsense running in a VM in bridge mode, not as my default gateway. The default gateway is my router.

    On my TUN server I can access my lan from the openvpn, this is working perfectly. But  I believe this drops broadcast packets so the clients can't discover each other (though weirdly they did two times...).

    If I make a TAP server I get DHCP from my lan but the problem this causes is that since my default gateway is my router and not the pfsense box obviously there can't be communication between the openvpn and lan. Internet traffic is working from the vpn client but I cannot access the lan.

    Is there any way I can get access to the lan despite pfsense not being the default gateway? I'm fine with using TUN as well as long as there is a way I can get broadcast to pass over it.

  • Hi Dutch, did you ever get an answer? I'm trying to do something similar.

    == John ==

  • I'd like to TAP for a steamlink.  Broadcast don't need a gateway.

    Also you can push a default gateway via

    push "route-gateway"

    in your custom settings area.

    I haven't had much time to mess with tap mode, but I know chromecast isn't working, another local broadcast type app

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