Reverse proxying the webgui

  • I'm trying to setup an apache reverse proxy to access the webgui from outside, using a dedicate web gateway. The connection between my LAN and the web server uses a VPN tunnel.

    I first used the ProxyPass directive inside a virtual location (pfsense) but I lost all the css and scripts.

    Then I used a dedicated virtual host to proxy the root of the webgui:

    ProxyPreserveHost on
    ProxyPass /
    ProxyPassReverse /

    Now using the url I can reach the correct login page.
    If I try to login, pfsense logs a correct login attempt, but I'm redirected to the login page again.

    I had to configure the alternate hostnames to bypass the  DNS Rebind Check.

    Is it possible to reverse proxy the webgui?

    Many thanks,

  • I got it  ;D

    I was testing using http on my proxy and https on webgui.
    now I enabled https also on the proxy connection and everything is fine.

    I'm using google authenticator module for apache to secure pfsense access through the reverse proxy and a certificate

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    Still way less secure then just vpn into your network and access your gui that way.

    Why anyone would put their gui open to the public be it behind a reverse proxy or not makes no sense.. So if I hit this IP and just happen to guess your password I have full access to your pfsense..  Did you change the default login even or is that still admin?

  • Will be hard to guess the OTP password on the proxy gateway… then you will have to guess the gui password as well.

    I need to access from work where I have not mobile data (nuclear plant, the walls are so thick). And I cannot use VPN on my workstation, only proxy access to internet.