Squid Reverse Proxy and VIPs

  • Hello,

    On my box I have only one NIC (WAN) as I use it as firewall and HTTP proxy via Squid.

    I have 7 IPs allocated to this box, one directly allocated to the NIC, the rest of 6 as Virtual IPs.

    On entering the VIP in the Squid Reverse Proxy "User Defined Proxy IPs" field I get the following error:

    You must enter a valid, locally configured IP address in the 'User Defined Reverse Proxy IPs' field. 'x.xxx.xxx.xx' is invalid.

    My question is, how can I get the Reverse Proxy to listen to the VIPs as well?

    Thank you in advance!!

    Later edit

    VIPs are set up as "IP Alias" in the firewall.

    All IPs, VIPs and the "main" one are shown on an ifconfig command and I can remotely ping all of them.

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