OPENVPN connecting but no internet - BLACKVPN

  • Hi

    I am have a problem where a connection is established to the BlackVPN servers, but none of my traffic is being fowarded to the OPT1 interface (my assumption of the problem). I have contacted support, so far they have not been able to solve the issue and it is getting tiresome as I get the feeling they don't know what they are talking about. I have posted some photos below with my configuration.

    The weird thing is, before the update to 2.3 this worked. Now it does not. All the rules match BlackVPN's instructions perfectly on their website at this link:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated  :)



  • Oh just to clarify. The inactivity timeout photo simply details what happens when a connection has been established and then it just timesout sometimes (not all the time…) for some strange reason.

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