OpenVPN multiple users

  • This has always been unclear to me. So maybe someone can clarify it. When you create an OpenVPN configuration and create the users… Can the users each have the same port? It seems like a lot of work to setup 25 users each with their own ports and rules.

    Can someone clarify this all for me?


  • It's a little unclear as to what type of scenario you're describing.

    Do you mean a typical "Road-Warrior" setup - a Remote Access OpenVPN server allowing guests on phones, laptops, etc. to connect remotely?

    If so, the server has one port that handles all of the clients connecting.  It typically can handle 30-100+ clients simultaneously (depending on your hardware) all through that one port.  What differentiates all the clients is they should each have their own certificate that proves their authenticity to the OpenVPN server.

    So you setup one OpenVPN server, and 25 certificates for your 25 users, not 25 ports.

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