Strange Firewall problem

  • I've some problem with Outlook connection (MAPI ) in Wireless with Firewall.

    When I enable the firewall and the rule on the interface is :

    Open any <-> any - any protocol

    I've a lot of disconnection from Outlook to Exchange Server and on the firewall I have that log : ( Exchange Server ) ( Client Outlook via WIFI )

    Jul 6 09:48:38 	LAN_WIFI		TCP:R
    Jul 6 09:48:38 	LAN_WIFI		TCP:R
    Jul 6 09:48:40 	LAN_WIFI		TCP:R
    Jul 6 09:48:41 	LAN_WIFI		TCP:R 

    But when I disable the firewall vi "advanced"-> "disable firewall" all work like a charm.

    Someone can point me ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • 10.40 and 100.19, are they sitting on 2 different ports (lan, opt) of your pfSense device?  Do you have rules on both of those interfaces that will allow traffic between them?

    At some point, someone will probably ask you to post screenshots of the firewall rules for all the interfaces and any floating rules.  It makes it easier to help you.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    That block is out of STATE its a Reset Packet..  Notice the R

    So told to F off ;)

    But pfsense blocked it because it was not in state.  I would guess you have an asymmetrical routing problem.

    Please post your connection setup and your rules from your different interfaces.. What masks are you using on these networks..

    What is your wifi setup is there more than 1 AP, is pfsense the AP?

  • I've solved.

    The problem is a routing problem.So on going way the route is in the pfsense and on the return the route is without the pfsense.
    Now I've resolved the routing problema and the reset packet go away, the outlook work well.

    Thanks to all.

    johnpoz good perception! ;)

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