• Hello! So the last couple days I've been trying to get my friend's server to be open to the public without him needing to port forward. The idea was he connects to my VPN and then I can NAT it through my firewall & connect to his server through my external IP.

    I looked around and didn't find much about it, here's my setup.

    Friend connects to VPN -> Starts his server -> Tunneled through my VPN -> His friends connect through my IP

    I had tried multiple ways of port forwarding, I can connect to the VPN server (even while disconnected from the VPN) through my public IP, but he nor can his friends connect. It's like the info doesn't leave my router, I've tried forwarding it in WAN/OPT1 too and no progress.

    At this point I just reset and looking for some help.

  • I solved it by making a gateway on a dynamic IP and setup a rule in my LAN that is connected to the gateway to transfer all traffic, here's my setup:

    Enable your OpenVPN interface (you can rename it)

    Create a gateway with a dynamic IP, I set my monitoring IP to my VPN's tunnel IP

    Go to VPN -> OpenVPN and go to your server's settings and this line

    Go to Firewall -> Rules -> LAN and create this rule (You'll need to click show advanced settings)

    Then you can port forward to that tunneled IP you want to host the server on Firewall -> NAT

    Last you forward is in Firewall -> Rules -> Opt1 (Destination is the tunneled IP)

    Sorry if I missed anything, I hope this helps though or at least point people in the right direction. The goal was to make the server owner who can't open his ports just login to my VPN & then people connect through my IP and they'll join his server, without needing to connect to the VPN themselves.