New to Squid so have questions

  • Hi
    I installed fpsense on a machine to have good control over my internet access.

    I have read up a few things on squid.

    What I want to do is:

    have a very restrictive web access for the standard transparent proxy. I want it restricted to some very specific sites, such as the antivirus update.

    As for web browsing want a unrestricted web access through my computer with password protection.

    The third, I guess specifically for skype. MS owns it so are weary of what the application contacts.

    Is this doable?
    I am guessing it is.

    I am fairly familiar with pfsense but not squid.
    Any pointers appreciated.


  • Yes, it is possible.

    BUT you cannot use transparent proxy and authenticated (password protected) proxy at the same time.

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