Squid/SquidGuard not Blocking

  • So I am new to PF sense and decided to install Squid/SquidGuard.

    I followed online tutorials, and everything worked fine when I did my tests. I decided to try out the other blacklists but decided to stick with Shalla.

    I re-download Shalla and put in the same rules I had before and tried to access the website, the problem is that the website still opened up.

    I am currently using PF sense 2.3.1-RELEASE-p5, Squid 0.4.21, and SquidGuard 1.14_3.

    I am thinking of doing a fresh install of PF sense but any suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Bumb.

    I tried doing a full reinstall but still did not work. I am thinking of downgrading to an older PF sense version.

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