OpenVPN: How to send traffic from server via client?

  • Hi,

    I have my Pfsense OpenVPN server working in "Remote Access (SSL/TSL) mode with a couple of overseas friends connected. This allows them to play Pandora radio which is blocked in their country (through my Pfsense squid proxy).

    Can I  do the same in reverse on the same openvpn?
    I would like to send web traffic for one particular web site through one of their connections. This is to play streaming video which is geoblocked in my country.

    Or do I need to setup a new OpenVPN installation with them as server and me as client?


  • To direct the traffic for a particular website to the client you need a route for this site at OpenVPN server.
    This can be set up by "client specific overrides".

    Add an override, select the server an enter the clients certs common name, enter a tunnel network that should be used for this client (within the servers vpn tunnel network).
    At "Local Networks" fill in your server sites LANs (it's necessary that at least the source IP of the host which want to access sites via this VPN is entered here to get the route pushed to the client) and other IPs or networks that the client should reach over vpn as you did in the server setting and at "Remote Networks" enter the addresses or networks you want to reach via the client from server side.
    Set the other options to your fits.

    Off cause the access has to be allowed by the clients firewall rules as well as at server side and the clients router must do masquerading also for the servers sites source network.

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