2.3.1 Update 5 no webGUI

  • Hoping somebody here had the same problem and can shed some light on this issue for me.  I have an RCC-VE 4860 running 2.3.1 Update 5. No config changes in the last month other than applying Update 5.  Last night I halted the system so I could install a battery backup after plugging it back in traffic passes just fine but WebGUI just loads a blank page.  I have tried multiple browsers, restarting PHP-fpm, and restarting webconfigurator all with no results.  Has anybody run into this issue before or have any hints to get webGUI working again?



  • Is the nginx running ?
    Use SSH acces and :

    ps ax | grep 'nginx'

    This should return something like :

      179  -  Is       0:00.01 nginx: master process /usr/local/sbin/nginx -c /var/etc/nginx-cpzone1-CaptivePortal.conf (nginx)
    sockstat -4l | grep 'nginx'
    root     nginx      96583 6  tcp4   *:443                 *:*
    root     nginx      96583 8  tcp4   *:80                  *:*
    root     nginx      96342 6  tcp4   *:443                 *:*
    root     nginx      96342 8  tcp4   *:80                  *:*
    root     nginx      96215 6  tcp4   *:443                 *:*
    root     nginx      96215 8  tcp4   *:80                  *:*

    (I'm running both https and https access)

  • Gertjan,

    Thanks for the reply! I realized yesterday that I also have SSH disabled so I will be picking up a mini USB cable to get console access & I'll get back with what I find.

  • @mille535:

    … I realized yesterday that I also have SSH disabled ....

    You agree with me that this is your spare "way-in" when all high level stuff fails  (making it actually your main managing interface ;))

  • Update: after obtaining a mini USB console cable I did some digging around and during the boot processes some folders were failing to be symbolically linked. Also noticed some other weird commands failing such as a reboot so thinking there might be some gremlins from the 2.2 to 2.3 upgrade from a while back. I ended up just grabbing the config reloading and restoring.  I have not yet went back to update 5 but all seems to be working well now.

    Also thanks to Gertjan for the suggestions.  Would have been nice to stick to troubleshooting out this issue but discovered openvpn service wasn't running as well.

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