Whitelisting MAC address for a vendor

  • I'm needing to allow a MAC address vendor to bypass the captive portal login screen.

    Appears I cannot use a wildcard mac to do this (first six)? –  AB:CD:EF:::*  --
    Please confirm.

    If so, any suggestions on how to give out a specific DHCP addresses / pool to specific MAC addresses?  I could then whitelist that dhcp range.

    The MAC vendor device is a 'dumb' device and cannot click the 'login to public wifi' notification.

    edit: I think I found my own answer here....


    My searches were so fruitless before.

  • This is solved.

    The solution was to segment a DHCP pool that is restricted to a mac vendor (first six).

    Then set that IP pool to bypass on the captive portal page.

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