Help with install; squidGuard not blocking anything

  • I installed Squid and squidGuard and both are enabled.  I downloaded and installed the blacklist.

    Begin blacklist update
    Start download.
    Download archive
    Download complete
    Unpack archive
    Scan blacklist categories.
    Start rebuild DB.
    Copy DB to workdir.
    Reconfigure Squid proxy.
    Blacklist update complete.

    When I go to Common ACL under the Target Rules List I chose Access:Deny.  From what I saw on videos online, there should be a list of categories that I can choose to block but I don't have that.  I believe there must be something I've missed because nothing is blocked.  I have version 2.3.1-Release.  Any ideas on what I need to do?

  • Banned

    try pasting this "" into "Blacklist URL" field, then save, go to "Common ACL's" Tab and expand Target Rules List with "+" button.