'Snort IDS/IPS Daemon Stopped' will not start

  • Looked at Status / Services and found:

    snort Snort IDS/IPS Daemon Stopped

    Tried restarting and got this message:

    Jul 12 16:16:12 Snort Startup 18781 Snort START for WAN -Snort(1273_em0)…

    Jul 12 16:16:13 snort 18841 FATAL ERROR: /usr/local/etc/snort/snort_1273_em0/snort.conf(169) => Unable to open the
    IIS Unicode Map file '/usr/local/etc/snort/unicode.map'.

    Look in /usr/local/etc/snort/ and no unicode.map file.

    Any suggestion on fixing this?  Thanks.

  • Not sure what happened, but tried restarting the service again a third time and it says that it is running now.

    snort Snort IDS/IPS Daemon Running

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