User lost admin rights (even with WebCfg-All pages given)

  • MOVED IT HERE BECAUSE IT'S A webGUI issue (I think):

    This is odd. So I accessed these two files:


    I made back-ups just in case something went wrong, but seriously, I just changed two values in and added some lines to two log messages in index.php, and I no longer could make changes in the configuration panel of pfSense.

    Can someone tell me what I did wrong…?


    I asked the one who set up the server to access pfSense and make some changes, and his changes appeared. It's like my account was suddenly not allowed to make changes in the web interface.

    By the way, I've returned the files to their original states. Still, only the admin could make changes, and not the users. I've asked him to create a new user, and the user--even if granted with admin rights--could not make changes via the web gui. I am confused. I'm fairly sure I've added really minor changes to the the two files I've mentioned, but pfSense seems to have denied me of my rights all of a sudden.

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    Are you using local authentication or remote authentication for the GUI?

    Does your user or group have the "Deny Config Write" privilege?

  • Using local authentication for the GUI.

    My group has it. I'm not the admin per se, just a user with privileges. I can access the GUI, but I can't make changes after I made some really minor changes in the two files I've mentioned. Oddly enough, I was able to change my password, but after that, when I tried logging back in, I was told that my user has no assigned pages. I have another account so I'm able to check pfSense still.

  • If you have "Deny config write" assigned, then you're not allowed to make config changes.

  • This is so odd.

    I am not sure if the GUI was updated yesterday, and I didn't check our group privileges before, so I'm not sure if Config: Deny Config Write was present there before. Anyway, it's working now! Thanks a lot for the time. :D

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