Problem PFblockerNG 2.0.17 WAN/LAN

  • Hello,

    a client uses pfsense 2.2 already and sets up a new machine with pfsense 2.3. With new machine we have a problem with WAN/LAN assignment of the floating rules.

    We added pfblockerng 2.0.17 to pfsense 2.3.1_5 and geoblocking did not work as expected (it blocks nothing), when in the pfblockerng config:

    Interface rules/Configuration -> "inbound firewall rules" is set to "WAN" and "outbound firewall rules" is set to "LAN".
    This setting worked on the old machine (pfsense 2.2.6, pfblockerng 2.0.6).

    For a test, we changed the setting on the new machine to inbound = LAN and outbound = WAN, and it worked and blocked the defined adresses.

    Any idea, why this working?

  • Moderator

    If you restored a config from a different box, maybe the interfaces are different in this hardware. Check the interface assignments in pfSense, as the package reads those pfSense settings.