OpenVPN. Server has IPv4/6 and CARP

    • I use two Pfsense as CARP-Cluster
    • I have IPv4 and IPv6 on WAN.
    • I created (A) and (AAAA)-record for
    • I can ping the pfsense via IPv4&6 from outside.

    As I have a CARP-Cluster of two, I can't select IF_WAN as Interface for OpenVPN-Server. I have to select vIP instead.
    But I can only select the vIP for IPv4 OR Ipv6 and not both of them. So I now can't reach the Server via IPv4 and IPv6 the same time.

    I don't like to create two OpenVPN-server now … is there a way to connect via both ways anyway? Maybe a kind of group?
    If I use a single PFsense I can choose IF_WAN and catch both ways ... a vIP can't do that?

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