ESXi 2 wan on 1 nic

  • I have my cable modem and the wan port from 2 pfSense vm plugged into a Cisco SG200 switch. See attached.

    Ideally, I would like to use just one physical adapter. Any hints on how to get started with vlan settings on ESXi and SG200?

  • Untag em towards the clients & modem. Tag between switch and esx  .

    Then you can choose if you are letting esxi handle the vlans or if you let pfsense handle it

  • Thank you for your help.

    Currently all 3 ports are untagged trunk on vlan 1000 on my switch. pfSense1 on port1, pfSense2 on port2 and modem on port3.

    I will change port 1 and 2 to tagged on switch and put both pfsense vm in the same port group in ESXi with vlan id 1000. Is this correct?

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