• When I go to the monitoring graphs, then select "NTP", when I update the graph I get this error:

    Error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token W in JSON at position 1

    Additionally, there's a crash report (I've submitted two over two days, IPs below)

    v4: 73.171.116.x
    v6 WAN: 2001:558:6036:61:x❌x:x

    I don't think it would come from the v6 LAN, but if you can't find from the v6 WAN, let me know and I'll provide the LAN address.

    I did not have this issue with 2.3.1, so not sure if something changed in the RRD data between versions, or if there's a new issue.

  • Code needs protection around:

    			$obj[$ds_key_right_adjusted]['min'] = min($stats);
    			$obj[$ds_key_right_adjusted]['max'] = max($stats);
    			$obj[$ds_key_right_adjusted]['avg'] = array_sum($stats) / count($stats);
    			$obj[$ds_key_right_adjusted]['values'] = $data;
    			$obj[$ds_key_right_adjusted]['raw'] = $raw_data;


    			$obj[$ds_key_left_adjusted]['min'] = min($stats);
    			$obj[$ds_key_left_adjusted]['max'] = max($stats);
    			$obj[$ds_key_left_adjusted]['avg'] = array_sum($stats) / count($stats);
    			$obj[$ds_key_left_adjusted]['values'] = $data;
    			$obj[$ds_key_left_adjusted]['raw'] = $raw_data;

    in /usr/local/www/rrd_fetch_json.php

    A quick workaround would be:

    			if(count($stats)) {
    				// the block...

    Around blocks at lines 316-320 and 607-611.

    This causes graphs without stats to be blank but gets rid of the nasty crash. I am sure someone could come up with a better fix.

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