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  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to get wifi to work on my pfsense box. I installed a wireless nic and assigned the interface and named it wifi. It is bridged with my lan interface. I can see the SSID on my phone and enter the password but it won't connect. My phone keeps getting a 169.x.x.x address when the interface it is bridged to has dhcp working. I also read somewhere that bridging is not the way to go, but to route between the lan and wifi interface instead. I basically just want to learn how to set up wifi and have connected devices on the same subnet as my lan. Not sure how to set this up. Not a big deal, just having fun with it and trying to learn!


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    If it's properly bridged and you can connect to the network you should get DHCP and it should basically work.

    Try looking at this: https://www.infotechwerx.com/blog/Creating-a-Simple-pfSense-Bridge

  • I had to add a pass rule on the WiFi interface to allow so the clients can get a DHCP address from the LAN interface.

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    That is why that walkthrough recommends the sysctls for the bridge/members the way it does. So that doesn't happen.

    The IP configuration and DHCP server should be on the bridge. Not one of the members.

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