Can`t connect from Wifi to Lan net

  • Hello,

    I have created this:

    WAN = DHCP
    LAN = DHCP
    Bridge (LAN/WIFI Bridge): DHCP: Yes

    I created the firewall rule at LAN, WIFI and BRIDGE

    Protocol: IPv4*
    Source: Bridge net
    Port: *
    Destination: *
    Port: *
    Gateway: *
    Queue: none

    everything if working fine. If I connect some PCs at the switch I got an IP from the range and internet is working. Wifi too but if I try to connect to router or the server from wifi its not wirking. BSS is enabled. I don`t find the mistake :) could someone help me?


  • No one with an idea?

  • create bridge interface based on WLAN+LAN. Leave the latter two without IP address and define IP/subnet mask for bridge.. then group all three together (interface assignments). Now WLAN and LAN are both in the same subnet and you should be able to access from one to another..

    mind you, interface group has it's own rules tab now under firewall rules and these take precedence over the rules defined in component interface rules.. you might lock yourself out from accessing the pfsense "box" and lesser WLAN security (no isolation from LAN) is also your risk..

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Is there some reason you need broadcast traffic between lan and wifi?  Why do you not just put wifi on its own network, and create firewall rules to allow the traffic you want from your wifi to your lan?  This is much simpler setup, vastly easier to maintain as well.

    For what reason do you need your wifi and lan on the same broadcast domain?  ie same L2 network?