Vpn connection to opt1 bridged to wan

  • Maybe a different situation? I've been reading as much as I could about bridged interfaces and vpn connections but didn't see any configurations that matched.

    I've got a pfsense machine guarding a network that I need secure access to. There is a router (x.x.x.1) between me and the pfsense (x.x.x.2) which is between the router and network (x.x.x.y).

    I need to access the network from a dynamic location (roadwarrior?) and a static location utilizing OpenVPN.

    Would anyone be willing to drop a pointer or two?

  • What have you already tried?
    What problems did you have?

    If you're just asking on how to set it up.
    IMO it's pretty streight forward.
    Set up the PKI(push the right routes), connect users, access you servers.

  • Ahh yes, I'm sorry.

    I'm trying to obtain more information about the setup and what's been done so far. I appologize as this is not my network and I am merely relaying what I have.

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