Captive portal, Asus wl-330g, duan WAN, confused noob!

  • I am now very confused trying to get wireless authentication working. I have 2 WAN interfaces, with ! going through one, and going through the other. This all works fine. I have added another wired nic to be the Wireless LAN interface, then plugged the WL-330g (see link for specs) into that. Do I set the wireless nic in pfsense to something outside the range of the LAN, such as The RADIUS server is at, so how will the captive portal authenticate? the 330g does both "access point" (that i have tried) and "ethernet adapter" (that i haven't) modes. Would "ethernet adapter" mode help? Any clues much appreciated!!

  • Can you make a drawing of this ? i have no clue what you are trying to do.

  • Not having a clue what I'm trying to do is probably my problem! I'm not very good with 'paint', but have tried. It really isn't supposed to like like a mutant smiley face  :-.

    What I am trying to do is have Wireless clients authenticated through the captive portal (I have set up IAS on my domain controller, and pointed the captive portal at it, with shared secrets). When authenticated, I want them to use WAN as default gateway and access resources on LAN.

    Does any of that even make sense?? I hope so.
    I would like to use WPA as well, but the wl-330g does not support its use with a RADIUS server, and as it's the access point, not pfSense, I guess I can't use pfSense's WPA support?

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