PFSence Server with WIFI UniFi AP.

  • I have a PFSence Server as a router and I have a WIFI UniFi AP.
    My ISP speed is 12 Mb, But when I Conect to my WIFI I only get .6 Mb speed.I have tryed changin TX Power and Chanels. No Luck
    With Belkin AP I get the 12 Mb speed. I have teste 4 Ubiquiti AP with te same results, And on other LAN with MIKROTIK router I get te correct speed with the Unifi AP.
    It has to do with some thing between PFSence and the Ubiquiti AP, Any Help ?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So other devices on your lan with a wire get 12mbps ?

    How do you have this connected?  Is your AP connected to a switch, directly connected to pfsense interface? What?

    Such a crappy speed would point to a duplex mismatch if you ask me for off the top of my head shoot from the hip ideas to your problem..  What I can tell you is pfsense gives 2 shits if traffic is coming from a wireless accesspoint or a wired client.  Traffic is traffic..  I have 3 different unifi AP setup with pfsense and no issues at all.

    How is pfsense setup?  Is it a VM running on ???  Or is it running on hardware?  If so what?  Got to have some sort of details here to help you.  So far what you have said is hey mechanic my car is broke, but my other car works.  Can you fix it.

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