Push Notifications not being received

  • Ever since I have setup pfsense and wifi I am not longer receiving push notifications on my android devices. Once I disconnect from the wifi they all come in at once.  I have checked the firewall logs but do not seem to see anything that would look like a blocked packet. Has anyone else ran into similar issues and been able to resolve it?


  • This one is really stumping me. I have another router a linksys wrt54g which does not have the ability to make any firewall rules. When I remove the pfsense box and go straight through the router I receive the push notifications. I have an app on my phone which allows me to test push notifications. When using it I can see the following in the firewall logs.

    Jul 24 18:13:15 USERMOBILE70 TCP:S
    Jul 24 18:13:15 WAN                 73.x.x.x:46287       TCP:S

    I know that is the app reaching out to instigate a push notification as the port 5228 is well known to be used by GCM for push notifications.

    I can see the traffic is being allowed out of the network. But I am not receiving the push notification nor do I see anything that was blocked trying to come in. For trouble shooting purposes I have disabled all firewall rules in USERMOBILE70 besides a rule that allows any any.  I have also configured port forwarding to any any for ports 1:60000 and a wan rule for any any.

    Still despite disabling everything besides the any any rules on the wan and usermobile70 interface I am getting nothing.  What else can I try that might be in the way?  The interfaces are also not being proxied.

    Is this an outbound NAT issue?  I've tried both manual and automatic to no avail.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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