PfSense support for Hyper-V Gen 2 Virtual Machines

  • Hello,

    I noticed that under listed Feature #4044 in the upcoming version 2.4:

    there will be support for Gen 2 virtual machines under Hyper-V. According to Chris Buechler this is resolved now so I wonder if this will maybe find its way already in version 2.3.2 or 2.3.3?

    We are moving from ESXI to Hyper-V soon and Gen 2 support would be great especially in regards of the networking adapters (I know that I don`t have to use legacy network adapters anymore).

    Perhaps this is just a small fix and not due to a later FreeBSD version and so an implementation could be earlier because 2.4 is so far away ;D

  • 2.4 isn't that far away, should be out sometime this year. It's not in 2.3.2, and there likely won't be a 2.3.3. The support is inherent in the installer changes that are in 2.4.

  • Thx for your statement and good to know. I assumed there will be a lot of releases in-between like with 2.2 version.

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