Squid3 HTTPS Filtering stop working after Squidguard service start

  • Hi folks, i am having a problem making squid3 and squidguard work together. First of all i used this guides to setup Squid3 + Squidguard + Transparent mode + HTTPS Filtering


    Here Tikimotel post this tips to solve some of the problem with squid3 and squidguard. Great post. Also their is the solution for Cert. error, that many people have (even though if they already added the cert already to the PC)….. (Reply #23)


    Also before applying Tikimotel post solution i was having the  Certificate error problem. After making the corrections in the first page i post above and the second one ( doing system patch to squidguard and adding the lines in Squid3 "Custom ACLs") I was able to access to any HTTPS website.

    So my problem is when i start squidguard service, i am having Certificate error for any HTTPS website. But if i stop the squidguard service , i can access again any HTTPS website.
    I know that squidguard is used to block websites, but already create a target category to allow for example : www.facebook.com , www. twitter.com, etc

    Squidguard blacklist is working, its block the http website.  Its block any HTTPS website even google.com

    Sorry for my grammar and hope you guys can help me.

  • Hi Guys, already solved the problem.

    1 - remove squid and squidguard (also remove manually all the files related to squid and squidguard)
    2 - reinstall both package
    3 - And just follow the tutorial at ( https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=73640.150)
    4 - Its seem that the update of squidguard was affecting it performance
    5 - Restart
    6 - And ready to go

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