WebUI unresponsive after traceroute to unreachable IPv6 address

  • This is (I think) the same issue described in #5838.

    Whenever I use Diagnostics->Traceroute to an unreachable IPv6 IP address, the webUI becomes unresponsive. Not just the Traceroute page, the whole webUI. #5838 was marked as Not a Bug on the following grounds:

    • The webUI recovers after a timeout of 180 seconds. This not true in my case. It won't recover even after several hours (nginx will timeout after 180 secs but PHP-FPM is still not responding). Now, maybe it does recover with IPv4 but it certainly does not with IPv6. The only way to recover is to stop and restart PHP-FPM from the console.

    • It is normal when you execute a long running operation (like the traceroute to unreachable target) for the webUI to be not responding until the operation times out. IMHO this is not normal. It is normal for the operation (traceroute) to not respond, but bringing the whole webUI down is not normal by any UI design standards. In fact a ping can be long running just as well as a traceroute but it does not have the same effect on webUI

    • "Who would do a traceroute to a local IP address?" (i.e. what's the point?). Again this is not true as the issue happens with remote unreachable IPs as well. The IP does not have to be local.

    I am a developer myself and it is beyond me how this is not considered a bug. Especially when traceroute is quite often used to diagnose why a connection to a remote IP fails (which by definition means the IP is unreachable or otherwise not responding).

    If you have encountered this issue please share your experiences, in hope that pfsense developers decide to actually have a look at it.

  • Oops!

    I feel like a complete idiot. I didn't realize there was another ticket for this.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

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