Install phpmyadmin

  • Hi guys, I have already installed mysql on pfsense now I would like to install phpmyadmin or other tool to manage mysql, anyone can help me, thank too much

  • MySQL and a basic CMS written in PHP on a firewall ???????

    Think about this : pfSense uses FreeBSD. It's using right now PHP 5.6.22 (version pfSense 2.3.2). You should know that pfSense is using the 'nginx' web server.
    phpmyadmin can be installed then. As you could "install" WordPress, Joomla, phpBB3, etc etc.

    I advise you to check out the assistance from here

    Btw : you could install phpmyadmin on any PC device on your network - use WAMP, and simply connect to your MySQL server located on your pfSense box.

    Also : If you can't pull it off, just don't insist (because you probably could handle the security consequences neither ;)).

  • I second that. Running PHPMyAdmin on a firewall is not a great idea. At all.

  • Thanks for your reply,  I design captive portal + freeradius + mysql to create the self register for customer's wifi system via device mac address, I have the separate internet connection so I dont use the firewall function on pfsense because outside pfsense I had already firewall.

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