• I cant seem to open up my ports i have followed the tutorial and tried doing it in firewall then alias does anyone have any ideas?

  • http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,7001.0.html

    Maybe you should describe a bit clearer what you did.
    What steps did you take?
    How did you test the result.
    What is not working as expected.
    What are you trying to achieve ultimately.

  • What i did what i went to firewall nat did what the tutorial said and  fire alias and added a new rule then change the type to port and then i added the range i wanted open.. im trying to open the port for torrents. i tested with utorrents port tester and from another site that test your ports and i notice when i test the ports that i put to be opened it said connection timed out and other non open ports said connection refused..

  • (Can you "try" to write with punctuation? It's a bit hard to read)

    If you just want to forward ports for utorrent it's probably the best if you dont forward ports manually and enable upnp.
    The timing out part of your desription sounds a bit like pfSense forwards the ports, but to an invalid destination (mabe an IP that doesnt exist?), and so the connection attempt times out.
    Or you have an active firewall on your client that blocks the connection attemps.

  • okay so enabling upnp will  open up my ports? and no i didn't have a firewall on my client.

  • If you enable upnp, utorrent will comunicate with pfSense and tell it what port it needs.
    pfSense will then temporarily forward the needed ports and open the firewall.
    After you exit utorrent the ports and the firewall will be closed again.

    But make sure that you dont have manual forwardings in place for the ports utorrent needs, or utorrent wont be able to get the needed ports.

  • But what is my problem that i cant manually forward a port?

  • This i dont know.
    You most probably missconfigured something.
    You're a bit vague what you actually did. Especially since you're talking about opening a range of port for bittorrent.
    Bittorrent only needs one port.

    Maybe you could post screenshots of all the pages where you did something. (NAT, alias, firewall)

  • This is my set up. my setup is with 4 wan connections load balancing … right now i have no other rule under rule or aliais .. And before when i said ports i ment that i would insert a range instead of one port.. ill try a single port

  • You dont have any NAT forwardings? (screenshots?)

    You never wrote anything that this is a multiWAN enviroment.
    In this case i think upnp can only forward the ports for the WAN.
    To forward the ports for the additional interfaces you will have to work with manual forwardings.

  • hey i got my port forwarding working. what i was doing wrong was ,for the nat ip i was putting my lan ip that i access the web gui with. so i went to cmd prompt and did a ipconfig all and got the address i was supposed to be using. And like you said it only works for the wan. i do have nat forwardings and its as follows..

    If  Proto  Ext. port range  NAT IP  Int. port range  Description

    WAN TCP/UDP 12000        12000      uttorrent port

    So i guess now i need to make one for wan2,3,4 right?

  • Just did it works perfectly thanks alot for you help….

  • Yes.
    Is your client on a dynamic address?
    This will cause issues, because it's possible that you get another IP everytime you start this computer.

    It would be better if you create a static DHCP mapping for this specific client so he gets the same IP everytime, and then map the ports for this IP.

  • i apologize im a newbie this but yes it is set to dchp and i have 4 wan connection connecting to it. now  when i try to access my modem page i can get any one of the 4 modems its like a guessing game. Is there a way to stop this or set and ip to each wan? because when i type in i get any of the 4. the lan connection is  straight from my box to my laptop.

  • Wait… You have on all modems the same IP?
    This will never work.
    Did you read the documentation on how to set up multiWAN?

  • i have 3 modems each with its different ip from the isp. so im using multiwan. but to access the modem i have to use for the modems  but when i do that if picks the modems at random when i refresh of click on a link and if i put sticky connections on i still dont know which modem im gonna get..
    yea i do have multiwan set up

  • I'm surprised your multiWAN is working.
    Because like this it shouldnt.

    Each WAN has to be in a different subnet with a different gateway.
    –> Each modem has to have it's own IP.

    Or do you mean the IP is only to manage the modem, and the modem only works as bridge?

    Just set the IP of the modem to something different.
    I mean you cannot have the same IP on multiple computers in the same network and expect it to work.

  • i hope its working i determine its working by when i go to a website that detects your ip i hit refresh and i get 4 different ips.. and a little speed increase.. photos are below to show u my diff ips and each wan has its own modem. and if i put in it choses any of teh 4 modems.

    ![top load.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/top load.jpg)
    ![top load.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/top load.jpg_thumb)