PfSense on Hyper-V with SR-IOV

  • Hello,

    we are currently using ESXI 6.0 (without SR-IOV) and want to change to Hyper-V Standalone Hypervisor when Server 2016 will be released.

    I read a lot about pfSense under Hyper-V but in respect to SR-IOV some questions remain. We could not use this feature under ESXI 6.0 because the igb-driver for the network adapter (Intel i350-T4) does not support SR-IOV.

    In pfSense I will use under Hyper-V two non-legacy "NICS" of an Intel i350-T4, one bound to an external "WAN"-vSwitch and one to a external "LAN"-vSwitch. The management will be excluded from these vSwitches.

    Upon creation of the vSwitches the decision has to made to use SR-IOV or not. So does pfSense current version support SR-IOV?
    According to Intel:
    FreeBSD is not listed as a supported Guest OS but there are virtual function drivers for FreeBSD (?)

    If it is supported is there any configuration needed under pfSense settings?

    If it is not supported are there any problems connecting pfSense to a vSwitch with SR-IOV activated (for other Windows Guests)?
    Edit: This is resolved because I just saw that SR-IOV has not only to be activated on the vSwitch but also in the network adapter in the VM.

    Kindly appreciated some help by some experienced Hyper-V users.

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