User Authentication with MAC (mac binding with user)

  • Hi All,

    i have done search on google or pfsense forum, but i am not get any help.

    right now i am using squid + squidgaurd + captive portal + RADIUS.
    Currently all are is working fine in pfsense 2.3.2.

    Now i want to user(abc) authentication with mac(00🆎v9:98:00:00), when user(abc) login in captive portal only allow to login with  this mac(00🆎v9:98:00:00).

    Current scenario is user(abc) can login  on any machine in captive portal.

    how to configure user(abc) with one or two mac id ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I believe all you have to do, it's to remove any previously granted authorization for that user, then insert the MAC address on the list of the pass through allowed MAC addressess, so that user will have direct access to the web, without being filtered by the captive portal, and only the machine having that specific MAC will have that access, not all its machines…

  • Thanks for your quit reply..

    when i am going to enable, user able access internet directly without authentication. i want only one user authenticate only one mac id.

  • Yes sometime i have the same thoughts, i should just quit replying, but i am kind of addicted  ;D

    I understand your problem, that why my previous reply to you was mentioning to "remove any previosly granted authorization", the person which can get access with all its machines, can do that because before you gave him that privilege, so, to fix that, you now have to remove those rights from its account(s), blocking them again, and only insert the MAC address you would like to allow on that list.
    If you can't find them, i would suggest to start blocking everything again,  then only make change on the MAC addresses's list.
    I hope that's clear enough.

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