WAN access to webGui

  • Hi all!

    I use NAT rule to redirect to server within the LAN the 80/443 TCP/UDP ports. It's possible access from WAN to WebGUI pfSense on another port?

  • Hi,

    2 things to do(maybe 3):

    1.  allow firewall rules for the new port.

    2. Change the port it is listening on.

    On page:
    System -> Advanced -> Admin Access

    Change TCP Port to the new port.

    3. Apply settings and restart?(never changed port so I don't know if there is something to do to make the change happen after applying)

  • If WAN is public / internet connection it is highly discouraged to open it up for WebGUI access.  Just asking for trouble.  If it is a must have then additional filtering measures are a must.  Even then still very much discouraged.

    Many people use one of the VPN services to access the LAN.  And there by have access to the WebGUI via the LAN side.  I use OpenVPN service.

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