SquidGuard not working

  • Dears,

    i have pfsense 2.3.2 and i installed SquidGuard package and i configure it v well but it's not block any site why ?

    please i need help

  • epic fail version of squidguard
    if you view in services/squidguard-proxy-filter….............  view in blacklist options to error
    Do NOT enable this on NanoBSD installs! epic fail error of squidguard-1.4_7

    I have the same problem, and the only solution is to squidguard - 1.4_4 -i386 , the problem is that the repositories do not let pfsense install this version and only offers squidguard - 1.4_7 - i386. I am currently trying to create a private repository, but pfsense tells me not allowed to install a repository other than the official .
    Another solution is to pull that damn pfsense actuaización and leave the old stable .

  • not only SquidGuard, but I can't seem to get even Squid Proxy server to work, regardless of settings I am trying to use.. have gone to bare-bones, no authentication etc, it just won't work. Just web site timeouts..

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