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    So we have a pfSense system setup in a basement rack per the hardware in my signature. Currently, I have a very old Linksys WRT54G wireless router on the main floor in the kitchen area which is connected via Cat6 to the network. DHCP on the Linksys is disabled and pfSense handles all DHCP requests via Static Lease. After nearly a decade of use its nearing its death requiring reboots way too often and slow speeds.

    We have roughly 35 wireless devices in our house between all family members and with kids visitors and guests I've seen a dozen more on top of that. Guests are usually separated from our main LAN.

    Our main floor and upstairs is 3300sq/ft in size (unfinished basement is another 1100) on a roughly 1acre lot. The WRT54G on the main floor in the kitchen area is pretty much centered in the house and surprisingly offers full strength through out most of the house, dropping a signal bar only at the furthest corners upstairs and most of the yard holds the connection as well although barely along the edges.

    Need options for a new WiFi setup to handle the connections of new and old hardware, the number of connections and the size of our home and property. Pretty much anything new will be better then what we have now but I'm wondering if there are any better options then simply replacing the WRT54G with another wifi router or something else like an internal card or exterior mounted option. I'd like to stick with a single centralized point instead of multiple points around the property.

    Any suggestions, opinions or options are appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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    If you want good wifi coverage in all areas of your home especially if talking N or AC which is on 5ghz and much shorter range your going to want multiple AP.

    I would look into unifi AP, they are very reasonable in price start at $89 for new gen AC models 2x2 and pro 3x2 goes for $149.  They are poe which allows for easy mounting in the proper locations.  Which would be your ceilings or wall.. Not some router sitting somewhere on a shelf or on the floor under a table, etc.

    I have a much smaller house and have 3 of them.  Just 1 floor.  While you can talk to the AP on the other end of the house - it does not provide for the BEST speed, especially if your going to have some clients close and others far with much lower rates.  I have 1 in the kitchen near the patio door, and max out my internet without any issues out on the patio 75/10 with AC devices.

    I have another in the middle of the house hallway and then one in the guest bedroom on the far end of the house.  There is no place in the house that you do not have FULL signal..  And I don't have to share bandwidth with the devices that are on the other end of the house, etc.

    To proper do wifi in anything the smallest of open areas your going to want multiple AP.. Especially going to the new AC stuff.. Wait til 802.11ad hits your going to really need an AP in every room.

    How your still using G with that many devices is just nuts..  Talk about SLOW as shit..  What is your internet speed?


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