Re: OpenVPN on pfSense - Installation guide for (Windows) Dummies :-) (road-warr

  • What if i have to configure more that 1 Pfsense rooter. I have 5 different clients i want to configure for Ovpn?

    Thank you!

  • Why do you have to configure more than one router if you have multiple clients?
    You mean you want to set up multiple PSK-tunnels?
    For this you can set up a PKI.

  • Sorry for the delay!

    No what i mean is i am configuring it in Windows and doing it for different client firewall config.
    When i create the certificate for one PFsense box and i have to do another installation with different certificate/ user key how do i do it?

  • I still dont know if this is a PKI or PSK setup.
    For a PSK setup you just can create multiple keys and sav them.

    For a PKI i'm not sure… you would have to create multiple CA's and safe them in different locations.
    Read up on how to do that.

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