Fix can not ping in garena room through pfsense router os

  • View video for detail.

    Youtube Video

    • In Firewall / nat / Outbound.

    • Tick select Manual Outbound NAT rule generation.

    • Click add to add new Mappings

    • Select WAN interface
    • Protocol to All (the network connection to use many different protocols, both udp, tcp …)
    • Source: Network select - Enter the network layer of the LAN
    • Destination: select any
    • Port: Static Port area
    • Description: enter a name that describes arbitrary
    • Click apply for changes to take effect
    • Go to the Diagnostics - State, erase any connection status of the machines in the LAN
      Relatively much always choose Reset
      The process is slightly longer, so let it
      Back Garena + & retest.  (kill process gghost)

    The results far more feasible, because depending on the player's host in room

    Thanks all!

  • I'd try it but result isn't good.
    90% X(RED)

  • I had same problem. I fixed.

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