Settings for torrent box with utorrent or similar

  • Hi all,

    I have done a bit of searching on the best way to setup (NAT rules and port forwarding) to dedicated torrent machine using utorrent or similar. I have tried a few things and can't seem to max out my connection.

    There always seems to be torrent traffic blocked because of the ports the traffic comes in on.

    I tried the settings below and it speeds the torrents up alot. But is this to open? Basically everything nearly open to the one machine.  Machine will be just used for torrent.

    NAT port forward rules
    WAN  TCP/UDP  82 - 65535 (ext.: 82 - 65535

    Firewall rules
    TCP/UDP  *  *  *  *


  • For bittorrent you need:
    Allow "all ports outbound"
    and allow "a single port inbound" on which your torrent client is listening.

    You dont need to forward all ports. Only the one you configured in the torrent client.

  • Thank you.

    So the default LAN rule should cover "Allow all ports outbound" as below.

    Proto  Source  Port  Destination  Port  Gateway

    • LAN net * *                 * *

    I would just need to create a NAT and port rule to allow "a single port inbound" on which your torrent client is listening like..
    This example would be if my torrent client was listening on port 22000.

    If          Proto  Ext. port range  NAT IP                                          Int. port range
    WAN  TCP/UDP  22000 (ext.: 22000

    Proto  Source  Port  Destination  Port      Gateway
    TCP/UDP  *          *  22000    *

  • Yes like this.

  • Hi, I wanna know if I can make the same posted before, but with more than one machine, and how to do it.
    Thanks a lot….

  • You add more than one port forward?

    Did you even try? ???

  • i don't know utorrent (i don't use that kind stuff under m$ enviroment) but i know most of torrent clients need more than one forwarded port (e.g. clients of torrentflux)
    they usually use one port per torrent (10 torrents => 10 ports) but you have to open exact the same with portforwarding which are configured in the clients config.
    i know only one or two for *nix which need only one port (e.g. rtorrent) (okok one additional fuer udp dht)

    ciao gerd

  • activate miniupnp

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