How to share OpenVPN conenction to my LAN?

  • I can connect to some OpenVPN server and after connected, I can ping a server inside remote network from pfSense command line.

    Unfortunately, I can't ping that server from other machines in my LAN.

    During test, I completely disabled Windows firewall.

    How to fix?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    More information is needed to help you.

    What is the server?

    What is the client?

    What are the Local and Remote networks on each end?

    Where are you pinging from?

    Where are you pinging to?

    You generally have to specify a specific source IP address (Like the interface address of a network specified as a Local network in the OpenVPN configuration) to ping across an OpenVPN tunnel from the firewall itself so it's pretty unclear what you're actually doing.

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