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  • hi everyone. I have problems with executing rule on firewall. I have implemented pfsense as a transparent firewall beetwen my router and switch. I've created floating rules as on screen in attachement. The problem is that when last option is enabled (block all), any host cant display any page in web browser. it looks like DNS cant be reached. BUT, when on LAN interface i put the rule to ALLOW any to any…everything works great!:/ I have read about floating rules and as i understand these rules (all with QUICK option checked) should be executed when they match trafic and other rules should be ignored:/ All floating rules are assigned to ALL 3 interfaces (maybe this is mistake i make). When i enable Allow ALL rule on LAN interface also vpn works, other way it is blocked. PLS for help because it is frustrating:) thanks a lot :)

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    Well how did you apply the floating?

    Yes floating can do
    Apply filtering in a "last match wins" way rather than "first match wins" (quick)

    So yeah you can block everything this way.  You do understand that all interfaces have a default block rule, if they do not hit an allow rule then the traffic will be denied by default.  So I am failing to see the point of block all sort of rule in floating.

  • thank you very much for your reply.

    When i uncheck quick option then it will work in "last win" right? So if there is rule to pass port 53 from ANY to ANY, but last rule is to block ALL to ALL, the last rule will also match this traffic and it will be blocked right? Or maybe you suggest to move BLOCK rule to the top of the rule list? When i disable block rule in floating…the same:/ when i enable PASS all in LAN...all works

    OK, thanks for help...3 hours wasted because of stupid mistake and my blindnes...:) i changed protocol from UDP to TCP/UDP for port 80...:) The only thing that left is VPN over PPTP not working:)

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    Well no pptp vpn is a good thing - this has been deprecated for YEARS and YEARS.. Nobody should be using PPTP as their method of vpn.

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