How to make Wireless-LAN computers and LAN computers see each other?

  • I have the following configuration :

    1 LAN (192.168.1.x [LAN])
    2 WAN networks (192.168.2.x [WAN] & 192.168.3.x [OPT1])

    1 Wireless Network (192,168.4.x)

    pfsense does Load balancing and failsafe between WAN & OPT1.
    And LAN is connected with pfsense.

    I have connected my netgear wireless router to the LAN. By this I get load balanced, failsafe internet connection of WAN & OPT1 into my wireless network.

    Now my question is :

    My Windows machines on wireless LAN can't access other Windows machines or printers on my pfsense LAN. (Using windows file/printer sharing)

    How do I access the LAN computers from wireless LAN computers?

    I did remove the firewall on my netgear router.

    I must be missing some thing pretty obvious here.
    I appreciate any help/suggestion.

  • What exactly do you mean you cannot access other windows machines?
    Are you trying to access other windows-computers via the "my network places"?
    This wont work since you're routing from one subnet into another.

    You have to access them directly via the IP.

  • Thanks. Apparently I didn't know that all windows computers have to be on the same subnet to see each other's resources through "my network places".

    I changed my wireless network IP addresses to be in the space of my LAN IP addresses.

    Now every things works fine.


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