Captive portal on GRE interface

  • Hello,

    I read a lot, I also try a lot but I am little bit confused. I can say that I have lot of network experience, but I am new on Captive portals and pfsense. I find on web that the pfsense is perfect solution for my problem. What I would like to do is  - create multiple GRE tunnels to the pfsense but I expect that captive portal will be first when user would like to pass to the internet over my GRE tunnel. I just need that user leave me an email address (in exchange for free internet access) and than use my internet access for free. I find the answers like "this is not possible because of layer 3 … it works only on layer 2", some other says it is possible, but with a lot of work. Now I need somebody with experience in pfsense to point me to the right direction or give me some right answer. If pfsense is not good solution, how can I do this?

    Any comment, suggestion or advice would be helpfull...thank you in advanced.


    p.s. ...I use pfsense 2.3.2

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