Socks5 proxy - Please provide a quote $$

  • Hi all,

    Please suggest an estimated cost to implement the following:

    I would like someone to integrate a Socks5 proxy into pfSense. reasons being that my company has have two different internet connections for redundancy, with two pfSense firewalls and we need a simple way to redirect outgoing traffic (which is not HTTP) through whichever internet is up. The easiest way is to have a "" cname that points to the currently chosen pfSense FW.
    another reason for this is that some of our hosts do not have a default route at all, and can not reach the internet without a proxy.

    I would like this to be fully integrated into pfSense - at the minimum allow editing the socks rules, viewing the access logs, backup and restore, etc.

    Best regards,
    Or Tal.

  • I had some trouble !  :'(

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